The boss is in a constant crossfire of expectations from many directions – customers, colleagues, directors and boards, owners. In this situation it’s easy to lose grip of the bearing, both as a leader and in private life. What kind of a leader do I want to be? How do I value working relationships? And how do I balance between the to-do-list of today and long-term action – both at work and at home?
Leadership coaching starts from the situation of the client. We proceed from the most current dilemma, and with inspiration from existential thinkers we explore different perspectives on leadership. The client is supported to analyse alternative possibilities of action, make decisions, carry out changes and evaluate the results. 

One session is two hours long and can be held both during and outside working hours, in the office in Punavuori, Helsinki or at the workplace of the client. 

The price depends one how many sessions that are bought, please ask for an offer: or +358 50 5615908.

Barbro Teir
+358 50 5615908