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When was the last time you gave yourself time to reflect on your life, completely focused and sincere, with the intention to reach insight on how you want to live? Your listener is there only for you and can inspire you with thinkers that have struggled with the same questions we all share: What is the meaning of life, and in particular, of my life?

Existential coaching is now available for private clients also in Finland. This type of dialogue works especially well for people in life situations that require search for the will of one’s own to be able to make choices. Existential philosophers and psychologists  give inspiration to reflect on universal and individual conditions of living, and you will get support to make decisions and to act on them.
Dilemmas that many face is to find motivation for studies and work, balancing between family, work and wishes of one’s own (and to avoid burnout), how to go on after a loss (for example divorce, losing somebody close to you or your job) – or maybe you want to use a peaceful time in your life to contemplate on existence.
The coaching usually consists of five to ten sessions (75 minutes per session) every second week. Your first session is free of charge. The price of a session is 115 euro including taxes 24%.
Information and booking: or +358 50 5615908.

Barbro Teir
+358 50 5615908