Among the customers there are bosses, teams and private clients.

Below some examples of feedback:


"I have had the pleasure of hiring Barbro at the Leadership Academy's courses for our alumni and have thus commissioned her for four workshops in leadership. She has during these courses worked as a coach in various leadership issues. Barbro is also one of the Leadership Academy Ambassadors and co-operation with her has in all ways been very rewarding. The alumni have appreciated Barbro's interactive ways to lead the workshops and how Barbro shares, her knowledge and experience. They felt that Barbro listened and gave feedback to what each one had to say. During the workshops, there have always been intensive discussions and the alumni have experienced that they got new inspiration, better self-knowledge and tools in developing themselves as leaders."

Nora Ridgewell, head of operations, Leadership Academy (Ledarskapsakademin)


"I experienced the great freedom of existential coaching as its greatest strength. The concretization in pictures and symbols was something I took to me directly and they will be with me for a long time. They can be revived and re-evaluated, but they are in themselves solid and immovable if you want to define one’s life situation here and now again. Change and revaluation are naturally included in the concept, as well as in life in general. The coaching gave me tools to stop and try to look at life with new eyes from a new perspective! The hardest part is to allow changes to take the time needed, without giving up."
Participant in coaching for couples


“I turned to Barbro Teir in a phase when there were crises in every direction. My wife was seriously ill, at work I had problems with the staff and furthermore the economical result was lousy. My first reflex after several decades as an executive, used to taking all the responsibility, was that I will manage, I have the answers, I will fix it, I am responsible. Suddenly I noticed that I might not manage any longer, I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the strength to fix it all. The burden of the responsibility was growing to heavy. I needed help.

Barbro turned out to be an excellent coach in this situation. With her help we broke down the mess of problems in parts, analyzed them and reflected on solutions. Barbro also helped me see features in myself that I had not seen or understood before.

Barbro’s experience as a business leader is an important part of her competence, beside the education as an existential coach. Through her own experience as a business leader she understands how lonely an executive can be with the problems.”

CEO, Helsinki


“I participated in a workshop that Barbro facilitated at my workplace. During that work my inspiration aroused to use the same framework in my personal development. The coaching-sessions have been a perfect forum for reflection on my own approach to issues both in my working life and in other areas of living. The discussions have already turned out to play an important role in my wellbeing at work and as a part of my agenda for personal development.” 

Global Head of Compensation & Benefits and HRIS, Espoo


“I participated in a workshop that Barbro held in September 2017. There I got the possibility to reflect on what values direct my life, and how they come true in my recent work situation and life conditions. During the workshop I learned to recognize the phases one goes through when making decisions, and in the future it’s easier for me to deal with the feelings and experiences in this process.

One exercise really has stayed on my mind, one with the theme “who am I, when I take away everything, that I am”. The reflection and group discussion during the exercise was a stopper and gave a liberating experience of true humanity. It will guide my attitude towards myself and how I treat others both at work and in other fields of life.”

Head of Development, Helsinki


“I was in the middle of a process of change and searching for a coach when I found Barbro Teir’s website. An existential perspective was interesting since I had I new phase in front of me – I was thinking about a change of career. Barbro Teir grasped my challenge firmly and guided me through this difficult transformation.

Most difficult for me was to trust myself and my intuition. Barbro was of great support in this. The coaching she gave made it possible to look back at previous work experiences with good courage, but above all I can look into the future and at my challenges and dreams. If you are insecure about what is new in your life I warmly recommend Barbro Teir, based on my own experience.”

Entrepreneur, age 50


“My whole life was disrupted: after 25 yeras of marriage I became a widow and decided to quit my work after a long career in the public sector, some years before the retirement. My mother had died one year ago and my relationship to my only sister was not working well. My adult daughters had their own sorrow to carry and I needed somebody from outside to discuss with.

In the dialogues with Barbro I got perspective on my situation and strength to take care of practicalities after my husband’s death. I was given time to reflect on the new direction of my life, what expectations and dreams I had. Then I lost my dog, too, and suddenly I was completely free to do what i wanted. It was scaring. Once again the situation in my life changed.

I felt a big guilt over my situation: I was alive, my economical situation was good and I was in many respects fortunate. Had I the right to make any plans whatsoever? During critical phases of my life I had got used to analyzing my feelings of guilt and the reasons behind it, but with Barbro’s help I managed to analyze less and look ahead.

“Life is full of choices, and every choice comes with a price tag. Life is not either or, it’s both and. You can trust life.” These are some of the thoughts I nowadays carry on after the sessions with Barbro.”

A woman on the doorstep to a new life, Helsinki


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