TALKING ABOUT LIFE – time for reflection

Every now and then we need to take a break and ask ourselves the fundamental questions: What do I want? What is a good life? How should I relate to my health, family, work? Or at the workplace: What do we want? How should we embed strategies in everyday work? How can we create better results by being genuinely present for each other?

Dialogues that build on an existential ground give you a possibility to reflect on life with inspiration of philosophers and psychologists. You will have a better basis for personal and sustainable choices when the questions are mature and you have perspective. Also professionally, together with others in the same situation.

Barbro Teir
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My first quarterly report

And so the first three months as an entrepreneur lie behind me. What I sell? Time for reflection for those who, alone or in a group, inspired by existential philosophers and psychologists, want to give themselves the possibility to ponder on where they stand and where they will go. Our starting ...

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