Every now and then we need to take a break and ask ourselves the fundamental questions: What do I want? What is a good life? How should I relate to my health, family, work? How should we embed strategies in everyday work? How can we create better results by being genuinely present for each other?

A CEO in a tough position: “Barbro turned out to be an excellent coach in this situation. With her help we broke down the mess of problems in parts, analyzed them and reflected on solutions. Barbro also helped me see features in myself that I had not seen or understood before. Barbro’s experience as a business leader is an important part of her competence, beside the education as an existential coach.”

Existential coaching is applied to management training for executives, used in workshops for teams and sessions for private clients.

Barbro Teir
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Once upon a time there was a CEO

Once upon a time there was a CEO, who executed everything like nothing had happened. You could hardly see that his wife was seriously ill, that the company was in a financial crisis, and that the staff was running hard, but unfortunately in many different directions. “My first reflex after being ...

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